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Our Company History

G. K. Granites (P) Ltd., is one of the largest exporters of cobblestones in the world and is one among the only three bulk exporters of cobblestones from India. Having commenced in 1995, the company was able to make a modest shipment of 20,000 Metric Tons of cobblestones in March 1997. Furthermore, as the production capacities, quarrying infrastructure and its buyers profile grew in size and quality, GK Mineral Corporation was born which is being run by a woman entrepreneur is now able to produce 40,000 Metric tons of cobblestones and other stone based products.

Md's Profile

Gk reddy – MD of G. K. Granites Private Limited (GKG) & Partner of GK Mineral Corporation. G. K. Granites Private Limited (GKG) was formed in end 1995 by Mr. G. K. Reddy with the object of export of cobblestones, granites & stone products from India. Mr. Reddy is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore. He commenced his service in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited ( HAL ), Bangalore. Later he entered the civilian defense service as an Engineer in Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi, Chennai. He voluntarily retired from service in the early 1980s. Before that period, he had successfully established the business of garment exports in Chennai. The garment export business was successfully carried out till 1994. At this juncture, he came across the business of export of cobblestones to the USA and obtained his first export order in 1995.


Aishwarya Reddy

Aishwarya Reddy, the daughter of Managing Director GK Reddy is a second generation entrepreneur in the mining business. She has obtained her Bachelors in Business Administration following which she has secured a masters degree in International Business from the University of Birmingham. Prior to joining GK Granites, Aishwarya headed the music label V Music producing highly successful blockbuster Tamil film albums. Currently undertaking the management of GK Mineral Corporation.

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